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2015 ncl fall season
bracketing system


The 2015 NCL mandatory Preseason game will identify individual players with similar knowledge and skill levels; players will be placed in one of 3 brackets as follows:
  • Bronze: novice players. Players will have limited existing knowledge and skills and should be able to complete some or most of the preparatory lab exercises
  • Silver: intermediate players. Players will have an intermediate level of knowledge and skills and should be able to complete all of the preparatory lab exercises
  • Gold: experienced players. Players will have the highest level of knowledge and skills (e.g., have already completed relevant certifications and/or completed more advanced study)
  • It is not necessary for players to prepare for this assessment. However, preparation suggestions are provided
At the end of the Preseason, all players’ scores will be totaled and used to place players in the appropriate bracket in their Conference:

Bracket Score Requirement
Gold 50,000+ total points
Silver 49,999 - 20,000
Bronze 19,999 or less
Pewter Did not participate in the Preseason game, as well as Coaches

regular season

During the Regular season games, players will compete on their own within their own bracket for the maximum number of points. While game challenges are available to all players, there are increasingly difficult challenges included to test players in higher brackets.


A team’s bracket will be determined relative to all the teams registered to play in the Postseason NCL National Championship:
  • A raw team score will be calculated by adding the Regular season flag scores for all the players on the team and dividing by the number of players on the team
  • If 2 teams tie for inclusion in a bracket, the team average for the number of flag captures and accuracy will be used to break the tie
  • All teams from all schools will compete within their bracket for the Postseason NCL National Championship game
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