Individual Game Brackets:

All Individual Game players will participate in a mandatory Preseason game.  At the end of the Preseason game, all players’ scores will be totaled and used to place players in the appropriate bracket. Players who fail to participate in the Preseason game will be considered unqualified and will be unranked during the Individual Game. 


Team Game Brackets:

Once Team Game teams have been established, the score of the top performing player from the Individual Game in each team will be used to place the team in the appropriate bracket. Only the Individual Game score will be used to determine the bracket for the Team Game. Preseason scores are not considered.



During the Individual and Team Game, NCL will place individual players and teams with similar knowledge and skill levels into one of 3 brackets as follows:


  • Bronze: novice players. Players will have limited existing knowledge and skills and should be able to complete some or most of the preparatory lab exercises


  • Silver: intermediate players. Players will have an intermediate level of knowledge and skills and should be able to complete all of the preparatory lab exercises


  • Gold: experienced players. Players will have the highest level of knowledge and skills (e.g., have already completed relevant certifications and/or completed more advanced study)


The leaderboard on Cyber Skyline’s platform may include faculty coaches or Pewter Bracket players during the games, unqualified faculty coaches & student players will be unranked NCL & Cyber Skyline completes a leaderboard audit.


These brackets are determined by the following score requirements:


Score Requirement


Top 15% scored players or teams


Next 35% scored players or teams


Remaining 50% scored players or teams


Coaches and unqualified players




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