October 14

Starts at 1pm ET

October 21

Ends at 9pm ET







A goal of the NCL is to provide beginners with an entry point into cybersecurity games through preparatory exercises, while also challenging and engaging players who have already mastered similar content. As part of the Preseason, participant knowledge and skills will be assessed through a mandatory Preseason game. Based on the results of this game, players will be placed in one of three Brackets.


The REGULAR SEASON Bracket assignments (based on Preseason Game play)

are available HERE.

Fall Preseason 2019 HIGHLIGHTS:

Available Flags: 102
Maximum Score: 1,845
Total Attempts:  366,579
Total Flag Captures:  221,323
Total Student Participation: 4,186





National Cyber League: Ethical Hacking Competition Enters Fall Season with a Bang

November 14, 2019

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