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Validating Skills


The National Cyber League integrates learning objectives by aligning custom content available in virtual learning environments (AKA NCL Gyms) with challenges available in the NCL Stadium. This allows the NCL to measure player’s game performance and produce individualized Scouting Reports. NCL’s Scouting Reports measure strengths and weaknesses amongst various cybersecurity learning objectives and industry-recognized competencies such as:


  • Open Source Intelligence

  • Scanning

  • Enumeration and Exploitation

  • Password Cracking

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Log Analysis

  • Wireless Security

  • Cryptography

  • Web Application Security

Performance-Based Assessments

AKA NCL Scouting Reports

NCL Scouting Reports show how participants applied knowledge in 9 competencies and how they ranked compared to others.

View a Sample Scouting Report

Affordable Hiring Solution

Businesses and organizations have the opportunity to purchase customized NCL Scouting Reports by identifying what skills and demographics they are seeking.  These unique tailored reports give businesses and organizations a birds-eye view on what potential employee’s demonstrated cybersecurity talent is.

Custom Reports 1-10

$350 each

Custom Reports 11-25

$300 each

Custom Reports 26-50

$250 each

Custom Reports 51+

$200 each

Transform Your Hiring Process...

Customize and Purchase NCL Scouting Reports Today!



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