NCL Summer Camp

Ah. Summer joys and yums are here. Amidst your sandy days, breezy nights and campfire tasties, NCL has some more Summer Camp cybersecurity treats in store (all for free + you can win prizes)!

Coaches Call (a.k.a. Faculty):
Join our very own Stephen Miller, chief coach ambassador, for a series of Facebook Lives to get your student (and your curriculum) up to par for Fall Season! Bring your questions to the Facebook Live and put them in the comments section to be answered. No sense in trying to re-invent the wheel, we got you covered!

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June 4, 2019 at 8pm ET
Title: Training for the NCL
This session will cover the resources available to coaches and students to enable preparationand practice outside the NCL seasons.

July 9, 2019 at 8pm ET
Title: NCL in the Classroom
This session will cover NCL in the classroom and how to leverage NCL resources like the syllabi, GYM, and outside resources. The session will also discuss the types of courses that can utilize the NCL competition in the classroom.

August 6, 2019 at 8pm ET
Title: How NCL Competition maps to Standard Frameworks

This session will cover how the NCL competition and NCL in the classroom maps to standards like NICE Framework and MITRE.

Summer Camp Puzzles:

June 18th – August 20th
Sizzling summer cybersec skillz is what’s in store for you. Keep your talent in check while having a blast this summer with NCL on social media!
Every Tuesday from June 18th – August 20th at 1p.m. ET, we will be releasing a puzzle. Challenge yourself and post your answer in the “comments” section on Facebook or tweet it back to us on Twitter! Challenges range from cryptography, open source intelligence, steganography, and more. Anyone who answers correctly will be entered in a drawing for a $10 Starbucks gift card. It’s that simple for you to get your next cup of Joe on us!




Registration Closing Soon for Virtual Cybersecurity Competition

March 13, 2020

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