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Real-world cybersecurity work is often done in teams. The NCL Team Game provides a safe and challenging environment for players from the Individual Game to apply their knowledge and skills in a team setting. The team game requires players to work together to solve real problems, with real deadlines, under time (and in some cases) technical and resource constraints. No flag-sharing with other teams allowed.


All registered student players are eligible to play in the Team Game; Preseason participation is not required. If every member of the team did not participate in the Individual Game, the team will be put in the Pewter bracket. As long as 1 member participated in the individual game, the team will not be in the Pewter bracket. 


Once teams for the Team Game have been established, the score of the top performing player from the Individual Game in each team will be used to place the team in the appropriate bracket. Only the Individual Game score will be used to determine the bracket for the Team Game. Preseason scores are not considered.


Team size: Up to 7 players

Institution: Institutions can have an unlimited number of teams playing

Cost: Included in the $35 registration fee


Team setup is done by the students themselves. Coaches are not involved. Setup must be completed by April 16th at 11:59 p.m. ET or you will not be able to participate.​


1. Students who are creating a team can do so once registration has opened. After they create the team, they will be given a link to give to players (up to 7) they want on their team.

2. Students who are joining a team will need to obtain the team joining link from the person who created the team. Once they visit the link and confirm, they will be part of the team. 


Please note that students must redeem their NCL game codes prior to doing either of these or they will receive an error. 



Sign up TEAMS by 11:59 p.m. ET

4/17 - 1pm ET

Team Game Starts

4/19 - 9 pm ET

Team Game Ends

Spring 2019 Highlights:

Stats from the Team Game:

Available Flags: 135

Maximum Score: 3,000

Total Attempts:  64,558

Total Flag Captures:  41,170

Total Student Participation: 1,750




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March 13, 2020

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