What is a Faculty Coach?

A faculty coach is a staff member of the school or university who acts as an official point of contact for student players from that school or university. Coaches are vital for a school's successful performance in NCL, so we made their participation free. Coaches get access to all the same content as their student players so they can see all the challenges themselves.  
What are the primary responsibilities of a Faculty Coach? 

- Remind their participating student players to register for NCL and participate in all the    NCL games. 
- Ensure that student players follow NCL ethical behavior and rules of conduct guidelines.  
- Act as the official representative for their student players during disputes. 
- Field technical questions from student players within the rules of conduct guidelines.  
- Provide moral support and encouragement. 
How else can Faculty Coaches support their student players? 
- Identify and obtain funding sources to cover player registration fees. 
- Obtain access to facilities for student players to use during the NCL season 
- Incorporate the NCL season as part of their class 
- Plan and schedule practice times and topics  




Player Ambassador Training Montage

February 19, 2020

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